Alina Comanici is the Founder, Distributor and International Trainer of Kangoo Club Bahrain and the first pioneer of Kangoo Jumps Fitness Programs in Bahrain. She’s the only licensed Kangoo Jumps International Trainer in Bahrain.

Since 2012 she has been spreading the activity throughout Bahrain, introducing a completly new concept into the Arab world. Her purpose is to create healthy lifestyles and to change people’s lives, to help them achieve their goals and live happier.

Beside bringing into the island the amazing Kango Jumps Fitness Programs, Alina Comanici is a sport aficiodado, she has a passion for sports and nutrition. She is a certified personal fitness trainer and a nutritionist.

Her clients do not only have the opportunity to train in a smart way, but also the chance to have their personal nutrition plans.

Her pleasant personality can only make you forget you are exercising!